The Importance of Internal Communications in Organisations

The Importance of Internal Communications in Organisations

Published: 26th April 2017

We exist in a world that is advancing technologically at a pace that is almost similar to the speed of light.

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Be it the robots that are slowly replacing humans or the cars that don't require a driver to make it move, with the dawn of each day there is something else that is the new 'in.'
This is the principal reason behind the businesses trying to outdo each other in their race towards monopoly. The problem is that most of the companies believe that introducing unique ideas into the market or creating new marketing strategies is enough for sustained success, which is why they are left behind.

The secret to permanent success begins deep inside an organization, amongst the group of people who arrive every day at the offices to do their part in keeping the company going. Happy employees result in great quality work, which in turn results in profits for the enterprise. Hence, the recipe for success includes good internal communications.
Any company hoping to join the big leagues cannot hope to do so without having a good internal technological system. Lucky for the businesses, internal communication solutions are provided by internal communication applications that are the perfect solution for any inefficiency that exists within a firm.

Businesses don't often realize the need to have a well-established internal communications system until they have one set up. Employees are habitually not working at their full capacity, which in turn results in ineffective business being conducted, which is why it is vital that there be good communication amongst the personnel.
A corporation that is lacking in a good internal communication system will show certain signs that more often than not escape the limelight unless once knows exactly what to look for.
Consider the following instances

  • A communication breakdown between the workers and the management.
  • A lack of proper communication of the latest company notices and updates and no proper process for new employees and interns.
  • There are piles of paperwork that never seem to diminish, which also leads to documents going missing or getting misplaced in the continuous onset of emails.

These are just the icing on the list of problems incurred by companies that lack a stable internal communication solutions system.

Studies have shown that corporations that have an effective internal communication system result in delivering returns to shareholders that are 47% higher than the companies that lack efficient internal communication strategies. Companies lacking competent internal communication solutions show signs of employee disengagement, which results in the staff working at less than their full potential, and even leaving the company.

The IT department of every company is inefficient communication wise, which causes communication gaps that often result in glitches and thus hinder the progress of the organization. An effective internal communications system will assist in tackling this great problem.
For those hearing the phrase 'internal communication solutions' for the first time, the complications stated earlier might seem too much to handle. Luckily, the administration doesn't have to take up the entire bulk of challenges. There are internal communications solution applications that cater to the problems mentioned in this article and to various others.
The applications are resourceful and don't require too much time to understand and benefit from. 'Dabster' is an example of one such application that is fast becoming the center of attention of companies looking to handle the chaos that exists internally.

Dabster provides internal communication solutions to corporations that admit that internal success is the real road towards sustained external accomplishment.
The application is streamlined to assist educational institutions like schools and colleges and NGOs and any other organization. Internal communication solutions applications are the new go-to for establishments that want to sort out their internal dilemmas in the hope of rearranging their entire system for the better.